Sagi David Kabra- Freediving World Championship safety diver by AIDA organization. 

Free diving uses scooters for rescue and safety purposes, and for today, we haven't had a suitable solution. During a real safety event, the safety diver ascends to the surface while holding the scooter in one hand and simultaneously sealing the competitor's nose. This entire process is highly complex with a dragging scooter. We have demonstrated that KikFin's solution saves critical seconds during a rescue and reduces the chance to make mistakes. Safety divers and watersports rescue teams can use both hands to operate the situation and moving the survivor to safety.  


We successfully conducted a freediving pilot in the Red-Sea with various diving situations. The KikFin-Fly proved to be a tremendous success compared to existing scooters that deflect divers' movements. As a owner of Free Diving Eilat school in the Red-sea we often use and rent underwater scooters. I was surprised to discover that KikFin reaches high speeds and operates continuously for up to an hour, despite its compact size and being half the weight of existing scooters. Another surprising aspect was the battery replacement, which usually requires a technical procedure in a dry workshop with greasing for the final closure. With KikFin, it's easy to replace the battery underwater! Even at a depth of 30 meters. The most amazing factor for me is the fact your hands are free, giving you the freedom and ease of navigation with just the movement of the head. More then that It's an incredible sensation that everyone should experience at least once in their life. 

As part of the freediving pilot with KikFin, we also tested our product with the world champion in free diving for 2022/3, Kateryna Sadurska, who is ranked number 1 by AIDA - International Association for the Development of Apnea. 

Kateryna uses the KikFin-Fly during her training for the world championship of 2023. Katerina said Its an amazing feeling, your arms are free, it's much easier to perform in safety situations and you feel like an underwater angel. The significant advantage, according to Sadurska, is that users can move freely in ways they have never experienced before, while also having their hands free for carrying objects or achieving higher speeds. Unlike a regular scooter, KikFin offers a wide range of rescue and safety applications that did not exist until now. 


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