With cutting-edge patented technology meeting extreme water sports, KikFin is a game changer in the world of aquatic sports. Unleash the power of our hydropropulsion jets and get ready to soar beneath the waves like never before! With our innovative and sleek jet, you'll surf, SUP, dive, free dive, and snorkel like a true aquatic superhero. Get ready for unparalleled thrills, complete freedom, and an unforgettable water adventure.


After years of relentless effort and unwavering passion, KikFin emerges as the epitome of aquatic engineering, tailor-made to propel you into an exhilarating realm of water adventures.

Easy Attachment To Any Surfboard

Just choose one of KikFin’s surfboard adaptors to meet your needs.

Bio-Mimic Engineering

Drawing inspiration from ocean mammals, our innovative jetpack design features two motorized fins that enable you to execute swift underwater maneuvers and replicate the exhilarating freedom of a dolphin gliding through the water.

Smart APP

Personalize your "kick" force for SUP, surfing and diving using our smart app. Ensure safety and peace of mind with by setting depth control limitations and alerts.

Powerful and Compact Propulsion Thrusters

Our propulsion thrusters stand as the market's most compact and are exceptionally efficient, carefully crafted to minimize drag and unleash unmatched force.

Underwater Battery Replacement

Seamlessly replace your battery during your session without ever stopping the fun. Our IX68 sealed rechargeable battery is a custom-built lithium-ion powerhouse designed for rugged marine environments, is equipped with an advanced cooling system, offers an impressive 60 minutes of ride time, and weighs a mere 800 grams.

Innovative Remote Control

Operated by a single push of a finger, this is the first wearable underwater wireless communication remote control. With our remote, you can connect up to 10 KikFins at once!


The KikFin is a groundbreaking innovation for surfing and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). It enhances speed, control, and stability. Catch more waves and gain independence against strong currents and breaking waves.

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KikFin Fly

The KikFin Fly Jet Pack, inspired by the dolphin's pectoral fin, offers impressive speed while granting you complete control over your directional movements using subtle head movements.

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KikFin Pro

The KikFin Pro Jet-Pack, designed to mimic the dolphin's dorsal fin, provides insane speed and enhanced stability for swift maneuvers between reefs.

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Safety Assurance

Smart depth system and Extremely intuitive head movement control .


Making a difference for our oceans and marine life is at the heart of KikFin's mission. We proudly donate a percentage of our annual profits to esteemed organizations, supporting their relentless efforts in ocean conservation. .